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Sun-Pat Peanut Butter was first launched back in 1946. Delicious and versatile, it has always been a great, natural source of protein.

Given that it’s made with at least 95% peanuts and therefore high in fibre, it helps to maintain energy levels.  Perhaps that’s why Sun-Pat remains the spread and filling of choice for an estimated 150 million pieces of toast and sandwiches every year. 

It would be easy to continue to be nostalgic about Sun-Pat’s heritage, but given the popularity explosion of nut butters in recent years, consumers are finding more and more innovative ways of using and consuming Peanut Butter.

The “Smooth vs Crunchy” question continues to be responsible for many a lively debate across our business!  (And yes, we proudly wear ‘Smooth’ or ‘Crunchy’ badges)!

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